Here are a few pictures from some of our meetings in 2014 in Nebbi.

I have spent a lot of time with Him and His family and watched his youngest daughter grow up, she is the same age as my daughter. Andrew has saw many wonderful things over the years and it will be a sad day if he dies without the many stories being captured for future generations as a testimony and that's one thing I have enjoyed is the many stories and miracles that he has seen in his Ministry and life around east Africa.

I have also been blessed to seen a lot of beautiful places in Uganda and I can clearly understand why it is sometimes referred to as The Pearl Of Africa.


A land I have grown to Love over the years!

I remember  dreaming of missions many years ago as a young Minister and young man always having a desire to see more souls saved and to make an impact in the world but thinking it was hopeless as I was not connected to any large Denomination so I thought I would never be able  to make the right contacts to see this come about in my Life. God has and continues to bless us to have had many Opportunities to preach in many states and unique places but I wondered would I ever end up on a mission field some where and if so where? There were so many places that needed help how would I choose the right place? But The Lord did lead us to the right place and that's one thing I will never doubt, in spite of the challenges battles and all thats happened I know part of my journey here was meant for me to work in Uganda.

‚ÄčLandmark Ministries Association Inc.

We have had so many experiences there over the years, too many to list here but a great place and great people to work with, I know Uganda will ever be in my heart. I have always shared i may not know many things in Life but One thing i do know, God meant for me to be in Uganda! below is a picture from a meeting in August 2017.

God blessed us very much in Nebbi, It was a placed I had felt God wanted me to go for a long time and was unable too. I so appreciate Brother Jeff Ssango in Organizing for us a good meeting there and expressing my wishes to the people of that place. Everyone was happy and God gave us favor with the people of that area.

I have had so many experiences there and it has been a highlight of my ministry and Life.

To my left i am pictured with my long time friend , Andrew Edwards, it has been a unique Journey in getting to know him over these many years since I first started working there.

 When I first started going there many of the locals would laugh and call us twins because we resembled in body shape to which He would laugh and we picked often at each other about this.

Eventually one year while in the A-teso region, I was given the name OPIO and He was called Odong (not sure if I spelled it right)