‚ÄčLandmark Ministries Association Inc.

4. Our Search Engine:

If you do many searches online , looking for things we have a very nice setup by going to www.goodsearch.com   upon arriving they will ask you who do you goodsearch for? and you enter Landmark Ministries Association and it also will offer you an oppertunity to registar to track your support and you can do so safely by using an email or connecting with your facebook as we have never had any problems over the years with them regarding our account being connected through Facebook.

6. We take any and all scrap metal to further preach the Gospel through any means available.

5. If you have a Smart Phone there is an App called Ibotta which is a type of Coupon App and it will help you save money. And if you download the app just for downloading it to your phone we will get a dollar  and you can do so by following this link:


3. We also recycle old ink Cartridges. ‚ÄčThe laser or the smaller ink cartridges either one works great as a fundraiser to help and also is good for the Environment  keeping them out of the land fills and putting cash into the work.

How you can Help?

Many people wonder how they can get involved in Missions , especially with the economy being as bad as it is these days, Not to many people have extra money to use in Outreaches or Missions. If you are in any form of Ministry and have a Facebook, I am sure like me you are constantly approached by people looking for Money, for Orphans of many other types of Church related projects. Well after 20+ years of Ministry we have found many ways you can support the Ministry without taking any additional monies away from what you are already doing, all it takes is just a little time and effort. So with the following information and links I hope and pray it will encourage you to get involved and help win souls for Christ.

1. Pray for us... The bible teaches us the great value in Prayer, I always say money is limited but prayer can go so much farther than a dollar and we so appreciate all those who have prayed for us all these years and I know certainly if it had not been for Prayer we could not have accomplished all we have over the years

2. We Recycle Old Cell Phones...  we have found a company where we can take your old and outdated phones working or not and recycle them and use the money for Missions, that way we make a few dollars for the work and it doesnt cost you anything extra to help in that way.